Frequently asked questions

Vehicle sales

Questions about motorhomes

  • Which brands do we work with?

    Over the years we have been able to corroborate which brands offer the best service to customers in terms of performance, comfort, reliability and a fair price. That is why we currently work with Adria, Sunliving, Dethleffs and Sunlight.

  • What type of licence do I need to be able to drive a motorhome?

    Most of the motorhomes on the market weigh less than 3,500 kg MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass, formerly known as PMA). A Type B licence is sufficient to be able to drive them.

    For vehicles with a MAM greater than 3,500 kg, it is necessary to have a valid Type C licence.

  • What guarantee do I have if I buy a caravan or motorhome?

    All new vehicles have a two-year warranty under the manufacturer’s conditions.

    A used vehicle normally has a one-year warranty.

  • Do you have second-hand motorhomes?

    Most of our second-hand motorhomes are nearly new. They normally come from our rental fleet and are a maximum of two years old.

Questions about caravans

  • What type of licence do I need to be able to drive with a caravan?

    As a rule you will only need a Type B licence. However, if the sum of the MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass, formerly called the PMA) of the car and the caravan exceeds 3,500 kg you will need a B+E licence.

  • What are the maximum speeds allowed when towing a caravan?

    The maximum speed is 80 km/h on dual carriageways and motorways, 80 km/h on interurban roads with hard shoulders and 70 km/h on all other interurban roads.

    For trailers and caravans with an MAM of less than 750 kg, the maximum speed limit on dual carriageways and motorways is 90 km/h.

    For more information, see the Dirección General de Tráfico website.


  • What guarantee do I have if I buy a caravan?

    All new vehicles have a two-year warranty under the manufacturer’s conditions.

    A used vehicle normally has a one-year warranty. Many of the brands extend the waterproof guarantee for more than 2 years, which guarantees that no water or damp will enter the caravan.

    In order for the warranty to be extended for more than two years, the brand’s dealer needs to check that it meets the necessary conditions and stamp the corresponding specific check list.

  • How often does a caravan have to be checked and serviced?

    It is advisable to carry out a brief check-up at least once a year of the lights, lubrication, brake balancing, etc. and a more thorough check-up every three years for possible water leaks, the silicon seals, tyres, etc.

    Remember you have primary responsibility for the maintenance of your vehicle.

Vehicle Rental

Motorhome rental

  • Is there a latest time for the return or collection of the vehicle?

    The latest time to return a rented vehicle is 12 noon. On the day your rental begins you can collect it from 9 am If these times aren’t convenient for you, contact us on 977. 39. 00. 13 or at comercial@carvisa.com.

    Remember that the motorhome is delivered completely clean with the diesel and Adblue tanks fuelled and it must be returned with the same fuel and Adblue  levels as when it was picked up, cleaned and especially with the toilet empty.

  • What range does it have?

    Motorhomes are fully autonomous vehicles, they do not need to be connected to the electricity network. They have enough gas for several weeks and a water tank of approximately 110 litres depending on the model. You can replenish the water at any petrol station, campsite, suitable rest area, etc.

  • Where can I go?

    You choose the destination – urban or natural – as long as it is within Europe (for other destinations please ask us). We sell freedom – use it well.

    Useful apps:

    • Park4night
    • Campercontact
    • CamperPRO
    • Flush
  • Breakdowns and accidents

    The motorhome is fully insured (with an excess of €750). Our insurance does not offer the possibility of insuring the deposit, you could try and obtain this yourself. If you have any type of breakdown or accident, you should contact the 24-hour telephone helpline we will provide you with at the beginning of your rental, to give you a solution as soon as possible.

  • How do you drive a motorhome?

    Exactly the same as a car. You just have to take into account that it is higher and the distance from the rear axle at the end of the vehicle is also greater than in a car. Park carefully with the help of the rear camera all our vehicles are equipped with.

  • What kind of driving licence is needed to hire a motorhome?

    The driver must be in possession of a Class B driving licence that they have had for at least two years or the corresponding licence from their country.

    Non-EU residents must have an international driving license.

  • Can I let someone who is not named on the rental agreement drive the motorhome?

    The main driver will be indicated in the rental agreement. Additional drivers can be registered at no extra cost. All registered drivers may drive the vehicle during the rental period.

    The renter will assume responsibility for the additional drivers.

  • At what speed should I drive?

    As the rules are constantly changing, we recommend consulting the following website:


    If you leave Spain, you should consult the regulations of each country. Remember that if you receive a traffic fine, we will identify you as the driver and you will have to pay it.

  • Where can I sleep?

    The motorhome is classed as a car. Therefore, you can park anywhere that cars are allowed. However, there are municipal ordinances that issue fines for parking in unauthorised places.

    That’s why it’s better to organise your trip according to the places you can spend the night without problems. Click on this link for a very wide selection of places where motorhomes can park:

  • Can I take my pet?

    As far as we’re concerned, you can take any type of pet. You just have to comply with the traffic regulations, make correct use of the vehicle and return it free of your furry friend’s hair.

Caravan Rental

  • Can I rent a caravan from Carvisa and take it to the destination I want?

    No. If you want to rent the caravan from Carvisa, we will take it to and collect it from any of the campsites on the Costa Daurada where you want to install it. In that way any incident that may occur to the vehicle during its transfer will be our responsibility. When you arrive at the campsite you’ll find it on your reserved plot, with the awning and the floor set up and ready to enjoy.

    Our caravans are all new and equipped with air conditioning. See the equipment included at this link.

Vehicle Parking

  • How much does parking cost?

    Carvisa has more than 50,000 square metres of parking and storage area where you can leave your vehicle when you’re not using it.

    We have three types of parking: closed warehouse, covered or open air. They are all monitored and guarded all year round. Rates from €85 per month.

    You can pick up your vehicle in our pre-parking area to which all parking customers have access. It is essential that you notify us 24 working hours in advance so that we can have your vehicle ready. Once there you can pick it up and drop it off again whenever you want. Consult the PDF or website section for the prices.

  • Does Carvisa transport the caravans from the various campsites?

    Carvisa offers a caravan transfer service from its facilities to the campsites on the Costa Daurada.

    We can also move your caravan to campsites a little further away. In this case, please contact us on 977.39.00.13 so that we can correctly assess and plan this service.

  • My vehicle has to pass the ITV (Vehicle Technical Inspection). Does Carvisa provide this service?

    Carvisa can take its customers’ vehicles to pass the ITV. This is a service we can only carry out in low season and it must be requested in advance from our offices: 977 39 00 13 or at carles@carvisa.com

  • What is the CARVISA parking like?

    We have more than 50,000 square metres of parking and maintenance areas. We have covered and open air parking areas that are guarded and monitored throughout the year.

  • Who has access to the parking?

    Access to the car park is restricted. We have a private area for your vehicle to rests in during the year. We also have an area for the exclusive use of customers. We call this the pre-parking and it can only be accessed with a key that we provide when you sign the parking rental contract. The security gate only opens with that key. You can pick up your vehicle from this customer parking area (as long as you notify us 24 working hours in advance) and also return it there.

    Carvisa has extensive insurance coverage. However it is essential that all vehicles in our custody have their own corresponding obligatory insurance.

  • Can you provide water for tanks and air for tyres?

    We have water and air hoses so you can prepare your vehicle to take out on the road.

  • And electricity?

    You’ll find plugs in our pre-parking area so you can charge your vehicle’s battery or cool the fridge for a few hours before beginning your journey.

  • How do I arrange to collect my vehicle?

    You should call 977 39 00 13 and select the parking option or send an email to parking@carvisa.com at least 24 working hours in advance to to request your vehicle be moved to the exclusive customer parking area.

  • And when I come back?

    Leave the vehicle parked in any of the free spaces in the customer pre-parking area. We’ll take care of moving it to the private area where it will stay until your next trip.

  • What to do if the vehicle is parked for long periods without using it?

    In these cases, it is highly recommended to empty the water tanks so that the limescale does not affect them or their pipes; empty the water heater and disconnect the terminals of both batteries, protecting them so that they don’t touch any metal parts or the motor. In this way your motorhome starter battery will not be discharged.


  • I would like to carry out some installations in my vehicle. Does Carvisa have a workshop?

    Yes, Carvisa has its own workshop and can indeed undertake all kinds of installations in caravans and motorhomes, including air conditioning, solar panels, lithium batteries, awnings, skylights, movers for caravans and many other assistance services. It is essential to schedule an appointment.