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For those looking for total freedom

Travel to endless places with the freedom of taking your home with you. Ideal for those who want to make several long trips a year.

Total flexibility, no schedules, no rush, reach endless destinations with your home in tow. Wake up surrounded by nature and make yourself a coffee; escape the crowds; decide if your destination offers you everything you’re looking for, and if not, put the key in the ignition and set off to look for another. Sign up for the minimalist art of living, discard the superfluous, try the local cuisine, live as you please, at your leisure, at your own pace, improvise, get behind the steering wheel of your freedom.

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For those who want the freedom of a second home

With a caravan you can stay at a campsite or in other areas where camping is allowed.

Park your caravan in your favourite campsite, enjoy the services it offers. You could even consider making it your second home to enjoy at weekends. You can set up an extension to double the space, but if you like to vary your destinations often, moving your caravan from one place to another, opt for a practical awning. In any case, travelling with a caravan offers you the possibility of leaving it in place and using your car to explore the area. Get away from conventional holidays.