Model caravan

5/6 persons

New and semi-new caravans, with 3 rooms with a fixed bed, bunk beds and a dining room that can be converted into a bed.

The photographs are indicative, they are an example of distribution

More information
  • Equipment included
  • Accessories / Extras
  • General conditions
  • 1 Awning (Caravanstore)
    1 Charcoal barbecue with 1 charcoal bag
    1 Foldable table for 6 people
    1 Step
    1 Electric cable with double conection
    2 Camping gas bottles
    6 Foldable chairs


    Exclusive transportation by our staff to campsites in the area at a maximum distance of 30 km from Carvisa

  • Towels+bed clothes + crockery + cleaning kit : 130,00 €
    1 Bread knife
    1 Kitchen knife
    1 Potato pealer
    1 kitchen seasors
    1 Ladle
    1 Whisk
    1 Barbacoe tongs
    1 Wood spoon
    1 Corkscrew
    1 Can opener
    1 Wringer
    1 Grater
    1 Choping bord
    2 Pots
    1 Pans
    1 Kettle
    6 Big knives
    6 Butter knives
    6 Spoons
    6 Forks
    6 Dessert spoons
    6 Deep plates
    6 Flat plates
    6 Dessert plates
    6 Breakfast cups
    6 Bowls
    10 Glasses
    6 Hangers
    1 Clothes line
    1 Peg set
    Bed clothes
    6 Pillows
    4 Bed sheets
    4 Blankets
    6 Towels
    1 Bucket
    1 Tea towel
    1 Brush
    1 Dust pan
    1 Aqua Kem blue
    1 Welcome cleaning kit
    • The removal of the caravan will take place before 12:00 on the day of departure. The extra time elapsed will be charged at the rate of €30 per hour

    • The contracting of the plot in the campsite is the responsibility of the client

    • To formalize the rental, a deposit of 30% of the amount must be made, with a minimum of €250

    • A deposit of €650 is established. The remaining amount of the rent plus the deposit must be paid before the delivery of the caravan to the client. The return of the deposit will be made once the caravan has been reviewed.

    • Caravans must be returned clean, otherwise a €150 cleaning fee will apply.

    • The rental vehicles offered are pre-owned vehicles. Interior layouts may vary slightly from those shown in the drawings
      The minimum rental period is 7 days, except for the months of July and August, which is 10 days.

    • Transportation to campsites within a maximum distance of 10 km is free. For longer transfers, consult

    • The start and end dates of the rental cannot be modified, in case of extensions, you must consult with Carvisa


    • Those received more than 30 days before the start of the rental, will entail a 50% penalty on the advance payment.
    • Those received less than 30 days before the start of the rental, will entail a penalty of the entire advance payment.